Applications Copyright Floor Grind UK Limited 2009  All rights reserved Designed and managed by Host A Geek Professional Floors In All Environments Safety is at the top of our list ... Health & safety Industrial Premises Commercial Properties Transportation Departments Airport Buildings Office Buildings Manufacturing Factories School Buildings Further Education Properties Warehousing Facilities Storage Depots External Parking Areas Engineering Workshops Public Buildings FLOOR GRIND UK can offer a comprehensive range of high performance floor systems suitable for use in all industrial and commercial environments. FLOOR GRIND UK provides a versatile range of solutions which can incorporate and provide slip resistant internal or external surfaces, demarcation lines in work areas, forklift to forklift aisles, zebra crossing or chevrons at cross over points and luminous markings for gangways, fire escape routes. Plus repairs to floor pot holes, indifferent levels and trip hazards. FLOOR GRIND UK can offer systems for application on concrete, steel, wood, asphalt and quarry - guaranteed to exceed customer expectations. The products we can provide as part of a turnkey package offer a range of colours, finishes and decorative effects. Options including high gloss, anti-glare, plain, speckled and flecked if required to ensure attractive and practical results for your premises. Combine FLOOR GRIND UK’s contracting expertise with our international reputation for outstanding service and support and you have the most technically advanced, pro-active industrial flooring solution in the UK ... One company - Full Life Cycle support - The Complete Flooring Solution ! So who can benefit from our services ? If you are in one of the following categories and worried about flooring maintenance please contact us now We understand the individual and varied requirements of different industries and in particular, the need to apply flooring solutions that meet and exceed the most stringent of health and safety regulations Home   |   Services   |   Applications   |   Our Equipment   |   Contacts